Do You Struggle to Remember Names?

Do You Struggle to Remember Names?

Many years ago, I was invited to a networking event, and I was seated at a dinner table with three other women from a similar line of work. We spent the entire evening in very pleasant dinner conversation, and when we finished our meals, we parted ways with promises to meet again for future dinners.

Several weeks later, I met one of the women at a business function, and she looked at me blankly, as though we’d never met. I introduced myself again to her, but couldn’t find a hint of recollection in her face.

I don’t always remember names myself, but that experience showed me how important it is pay attention and learn the names of the people we meet.

Building Community in Small Groups

Small groups build community. Your Sunday morning worship service may be warm and welcoming, and yet nothing brings people closer than sharing in a small group.

In this video, women’s minister Julie Woodruff of Long Hollow Baptist Church describes why small groups are so important to our spiritual health.