Athletes know what it means to eat properly just before a big match. No one would skip meals before the Boston Marathon or face the big day on a diet of junk food.

Likewise the spiritual life.

Setting aside time for daily devotions is critical. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) says this:

Just as a child needs food to grow physically, so we need food to grow spiritually. We can miss a meal and not feel any ill effects, but if we don’t eat for a week we begin to weaken physically. So it is in our spiritual lives.

He lists three steps to establishing a daily devotional time:

  1.  Establish a definite time of day
  2.  Decide on a definite place
  3. Identify the goal, content, and activities of your devotional time

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Photo: Roman bronze reduction of Myron’s Discobulus, 2nd century AD, Munich, Germany. 
Image uploaded to Wikipedia by Rotatebot and available by Creative Commons license.


Your turn

What tips can you offer others who have trouble setting aside a regular, daily time for devotions?