I’ve been on a couple different blog tours before, and this time I have the privilege of introducing nearby friends and a friend who is far away, but near my heart.

First, thank you to Andy Lee for inviting me on this blog tour.

Andy Lee is an author and one of the founding members of Wilmington Word Weavers.  Andy is the author of the soon-to-be-released Bible study on the book of Ruth for AMG publisher’s new Key Word Bible Study Series which will launch fall 2015. She has taught Bible studies for over twenty years. Her greatest passion is teaching her audience to dig into the ancient text, the Hebrew and Greek words which often lose meaning in translation.

Andy-Lee2Her writing is award winning. Her first book, A Mary Like Me, won 1st place in unpublished nonfiction at BRMCWC, and an article for the web won 2nd place. Her Bible Study on Ruth also won 1st place at BRMCWC. She is endorsed by Eva Marie Everson and represented by the Blythe Daniel agency.

Andy is a Word Weavers International mentor. She spends many hours each week encouraging other writers and helping support presidents of Word Weaver chapters as well as others who want to launch new chapters in their communities. 

You can visit her at www.wordsbyandylee.com or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/andyleeauthorpage. Follow her on Twitter at @wordsbyandylee


My Blog Tour Questions

What I am working on now?

I’m currently teaching Enduring Faith, an 8-Week Study of the Book of Hebrews at my local church, so writing is taking a back seat at the moment. Fall is a busy season with classes and Bible study and marching band, so writing can’t begin again until November. But I hope to return to Growing Through The Storms of Life with Pastor E. Truman Herring of Boca Glades Baptist Church at that time.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Writing Bible studies is how I encourage others to study God’s word. I don’t try to give all the answers on the pages of the book because I don’t have all the answers to give. Instead, I use lessons and personal applications to help the reader learn for herself what the Bible is saying to her.

Why do I write what I write?

I write because I love teaching. I want to follow Jesus’ example of using parables drawn from everyday examples to bring out the  lessons in God’s word.

How does my writing process work?

Journaling is the best place for me to start. I used to fill notebook after notebook with sermon notes and notes drawn from my daily devotion time. Today I keep those notes on my tablet and save them electronically so that I can pull them out later for articles, blog posts, and my next writing project.


And now, let me introduce the next writers on the tour

fbprofileRichelle Wright is a dear friend from my days at Penn State. She is a disciple of Jesus,  wife to “Mr. wRight” (and yes, she HAS heard that joke many times over the past 20 years), mama chasing after eight marvelous gifts and the zookeeper for a mouse, several fish and a conure. There’d acutally be more critters if her kids could figure out a better way around the “no pets (uncaged)” restriction at their current home.  After growing up in Oklahoma, she’s since spent time in inner city Boston (might as well have been a foreign land), Bangladesh, Thailand, Québec City and Niger. After spending nearly 15 years working as missionaries in W. Africa, her family is transitioning to a new place of ministry, Quebec City, Canada. They plan to move north next summer. She and her husband serve with a mission organization that produces evangelistic and discipleship audio-visual tools,  assists Nigerien church planters, encourages the development of local Christian education and teaches – Bible studies, literacy, ESL (English as a second language). She began blogging primarily so the grandparents would know their grandkids; Mr. wRight now encourages her to continue writing – internet connection cooperating. After all, it’s cheaper than therapy! You can find her online at Our Wright-ing Pad (family stuff and her personal musings), as well as a part of the writing team at a life overseas: the missions conversation and Missionary Mom’s Companion.


Erika's headshot2

Erika Rizkallah has served as the president of our local Wilmington Word Weavers this past year, and it’s been a joy working with her and getting to know her.

Erika is a wife, mother and writer living and thriving in Wilmington, N.C. She is a member of Word Weavers International and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She also blogs about the Christian faith and connecting with God at home and in the garden. You can read her work at www.ErikaRizkallah.com.