Before the internet, Bible research meant combing through commentaries by Matthew Henry and Albert Barnes or looking up Hebrew and Greek words in Strong’s Concordance. Having a parallel Bible with multiple translations side by side was great luxury, but it was only ever available in a few Bible translations.


Today, these resources and many more available for free on the internet. This list includes some of my favorites. If you have others you’d like to share, please leave a comment.


Blue Letter Bible

Like many of the sites listed here, BlueLetterBible allows you to look up most

Bible translations. The “interlinear” tab provides the original Hebrew or Greek word with the corresponding Strong’s reference number and a recording of how to pronounce the original word. The site also offers cross references, commentaries by Matthew Henry, J. Vernon McGee, Chuck Smith and others, and some fun resources like related songs.



This site offers a very user-friendly way to look up Bible passages using the reference or using phrases or words. Nearly every Bible translation is available, including the Amplified Bible and other great resources.


Bible Study Tools

A convenient feature of this website is that it allows you to compare every translation available for a particular verse of passage of the Bible. Just go to the website, and then from the top menu, choose Bible Study > Compare Translations. This site offers several reading plans to help you read through the entire Bible in 90 days, one year, or even two years.


Bible Hub

This site allows you to look up anything in the Bible using a reference, a topic, or using Strong’s concordance reference number. Once you find a passage, you can look up related commentaries and articles. One fun find on this site is the image creator where you can use free photos and add Bible verses to create beautiful slides that can be inserted into a powerpoint presentation or posted on your website.



One of the strengths of this website is the section marked “Bible Study Tools” containing whole Bible commentaries by Albert Barnes, John Calvin, The Expositors Bible, David Guzik, J. Vernon McGee, Spurgeon, Stedman and many more. This website even has Foxe’s Book of Martyrs under “Historical Writings.”


These websites are some of my favorites, but I’m sure I’ve left out other great resources. Please leave a comment below and share your favorite.