The queue wrapped around the palace. Young and old, people stood all day for news of the royal baby. Prince William and his bride, Kate, had just given birth to the next heir to the British throne, and the throngs were breathless as they waited to welcome the new prince to London.

I was in London that week and saw the crowds fight for a chance to photograph the announcement. Not the baby, mind you. Just the announcement. A slip of paper in a gold frame announcing his arrival. At the airport en route to the UK, I heard stories of people who flew to London in anticipation of the birth. Thousands of dollars in airplane tickets and hotel rooms just to catch a glimpse of the child who may be king one day.

How different from another royal baby born over two thousand years ago.

This other baby came into the world, and no one welcomed Him. Only His mother and father. The baby announcement didn’t draw throngs of eager visitors. Instead, His announcement was heralded by angels to a few common shepherds. No palace. No queues of eager onlookers. This royal baby would grow up apprenticing to a carpenter, a lowly tradesman. He would befriend fishermen and tax collectors.

A royal baby born in London the summer of 2013 captured the world’s attention. But the Son of God, the Prince of Peace, born more than 2000 years earlier is ignored by many.

Will you turn away from Him or will you value Him today?


[This article originally appeared at on Dec 17, 2014. Reprinted by permission.]